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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does Scotland Rack sell direct?
    Scotland Rack sells only to authorized material handling distributors. Please contact our customer service department at (215) 245-7000 or (800) 220-1495 for a dealer in your area who will be happy to assist you in placing your order.


  • What is the shipping class?
    Freight Class 125 for items eight or more feet long 
    Freight Class 70 for items six to seven feet long
    Freight Class 65 for items under six feet long.
  • Is there any assembly required?
    All items are shipped knocked down. Assembled end frames are available for an additional charge.
  • How are freight charges handled?
    Freight is 3rd party and can billed to you or collect to your customer. We do not prepay and add freight.
  • What is the availability?
    1-7 business days depending on sales volume. All parts are kept in stock. All orders ship complete.


  • What colors are available?
    Available in grey or galvanized finish.
  • Do you have pallet rack?
    We do not sell pallet rack.
  • Are footplates included?
    Footplates are not included.